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Field Rentals

Sport Center @ Court Street, Pine Grove, and Ultimate Goal Family Sports Center have fields and batting cages available for rent! We rent for league play, skill development, tournaments, team practices, events and parties ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!

Rentals are available for all sports -- baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, and much more.

October 1st to April 15th is our “In Season”. Field availability is limited as our fields book quickly. If you are interested in renting a field during our “In Season,” we recommend you plan early and contact us as soon as possible to see what times are available.

May 1st until October 1st is considered “Off Season”. During our “Off Season,” field rentals are offered at a reduced rate. We encourage you to consider training indoors during the Spring and Summer. Weather is never a concern and we have convenient bathroom facilities.

SC @ Court Street also has outdoor fields available for rent during the season of fair weather.

To learn more, contact Jill Payne:

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